The nature is special in spring and autumn very beautiful. From March the meadows are total yellow with daffodils and many other Alps flowers. In autumn the very different colours of all the trees is unbelievable. During walking in this very extend wooded area (75-80% is wood) you feel one with nature. You will see deer’s, squirrels, and a very large variety of birds etc…without seeing people. During these seasons you will find oft temperatures of over 20 degrees.

3 Km. from the Centre of Grünau there is a dreamland, suitable for small children. Here are electrical small cars, small boats and a small Skartway.

In Grünau and surrounding there are enough possibilities for amusements. Beside going for a beautiful walk it is also very suitable for biking for all kinds of levels in this wood- mountain- and water rich area.

On the opposite of Hinterrinnbach Apts. -15 min. walking- you will find waterfalls with its “water-basins” where you can swim. Grünau also has a very nice swimming pool with a large play meadow.