About 2 km. direction Almsee there is a Wildpark. A very special animal park from 60 ha. which is open the whole year. This park gives room for 50 different kinds of animals. This special park with its many footpaths is easily suitable for baby-carriages.

Also in this neighbourhood there is the Vorderrinbach, also a place with beautiful water falls with water-basins were you can swim in the nature.



A few km. further you will see at the left side a restaurant “Jagersimmerl”. Here starts the way to “Ödseeen”, beautiful lakes in the nature where you can swim. A very good alternative for the Almsee, because the Almsee is normally too cold to swim.

Also there are some Castles, like “Schloss Ort”, which lies in a peninsula and was built in the 12e century in the lake. In the north of Gmunden is “Schloss Cumberland” –a very beautiful castle in Renaissance style-, owned by the descendents from Franz Joseph. Nowadays Gmunden is well known as a health resort.

20 km. from Grünau you’ll find Gmunden at the Traunsee. A small idyllic city over 1000 years old which became municipal rights in 1276. In the Centre there is the beautiful town hall.


Hallstatt, a small village –in the middle ages the centre from “Salzkammergut” – is just as picturesque like in the romantic period. The lake-houses are built very close one of top of the other. The streets are very small and have a lot of stairs.

Schloss Eggenberg is one of the oldest brewery from which the history goes back to the 10 th century. The castle is built on the bank of the river The Alm. This river gave the Brewery Eggenberg raw material for a long time: spring water from 200 meter deep. Meaning that the Brewery made/make beer from their own well. If you like there are possibilities to visit the brewery in groups op 6 persons.





The Dachsteinsee and the “Totesgebirge” have a lot of caves. In the valley near Obertraun are situated the “Koppenbrüllerhöhle”. Called after the very hard noise from rain- ,snowfall- and ice melting. A special attraction is the “Eisriesenhöhle” (Ice-giant caves) where you can see beautiful Churches and Castles from ice. A fantastic unreal ice world where in Summer the temperature up to 35 degree colder is than in the valley.

At the Northern Part of the Totesgebirge ( Death Mountains ) you’ll find the Almsee with a depth of maximum 9 meters. The lake is 589 meters above sea level and delivers the water to the Alm. The Alm brings the water in the Traun, a side river of the Donau. The Almsee is also in summer cold, because of the depth and the fast streaming water.